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"There's Life After Rocky Horror & Its Name Is

Billy Dare & The Pumps!,"

Boston Rock Magazine, Boston, MA

"Like Nothing You've Ever Seen Before!"

Based out of Las Vegas, NV, Billy Dare & The Pumps, a national touring act, have earned rave reviews in 33 states, from Maine to California.


This is cabaret style production show complete with camped up costumes, comedy and live music.  But most of all, it's INTERACTIVE!


Right from the start the audience becomes part of the show when they are each given a party bag including a secret identity, note paper, etc., and are not only encouraged to interact with the performers, but the other audience members as well.  And that's when the party starts.  Strangers become friends, friends become lovers and EVERYBODY has FUN!


Music styles range from comedic originals to select cover tunes, from Swing to Rock, from Broadway to Hillbilly and more!


    Length of Show :  70 - 90 minutes


    Demographic:  Male, Female, 25 - 54, GLBT, Straight, Adult


    Language:  English


    Minimum Space Required:  13' wide x 11' deep


    Dressing Room:  Required for full production show; show can be scaled to fit venue.

Performers & Crew:  5 - 6 performers, 1-2 crew members


Sound System:  Venue or act provides, negotiable


Theatrical Lighting:  Venue provides if desired


Travel & Accommodations:   Expenses negotiable


More Info:  For more information contact Todd Johnston: 

PH: 702-423-3206 or email:



Great For Show Rooms, Nightclubs, Bars, Mixers, Meet & Greets, Parties & More!

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